Subject: Re: Specificying kernel at boot
To: Matthew Cordes <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/04/2001 16:23:33
> How do I specify which kernel to use at boot.  I understand 
> I need to type "boot myKernel -s", but it is unclear where I 
> type this. While booting on my dec 3000 there is never a pause 
> and prompt for this sort of info (ala lilo/grub).  Any sugestions?

type ^C (control-C) before it starts loading the kernel to get to the
SRM prompt, which is ">>>"

for SRM, you'll actually need to type

	boot -fi myKernel -fl s

there's reasonable on-line help in SRM (with the "help" command);
"set" and "show" let you change and view SRM variables.

					- Bill