Subject: NetBSD RC5 cracking and PC164 mumbles.
To: alpha <>
From: StrangeBrew <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/27/2000 23:13:12
I am now running 3 alphas on this little task, two 3Ks, one PC164.

The PC164 fun time:
I am still arguing with the second pc164, picked up a new to me S3 Trio
PCI card to see if I can get video out of it.
I have cut the memory down to 4 8MB true parity ram that I know
works in a like machine, I don't get any beeps with the memory 
installed and the 128bit path jumper installed.

I get nothing out on the video console with the S3 card in any
of the PCI slots (32 or 64bit).  I get no video with any of the
other PC ATbus video cards either (some have been rumored to work
enough to get the tube to click on and some kind of video pattern).
Tube works.  Works fine on S3 Trio in the other PC164.

I get nothing out on the serial ports (wired the way the PC164 manual
says with a patchable adapter).

The room is approx 60 degrees F, so the chips are not warm to the 
touch.  Compared this with the working PC164, same kind of 
temp out of the various chips.

Any hints on the PC 164???

Happy New Year!!
One more 3k to get running and this fine fun PC164....