Subject: Re: Dead Multia needs CPR/Clock battery?
To: John Maier <>
From: Ed Wensell III <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/17/2000 15:08:03
--- John Maier <> wrote:
> Before I go out putting a whole lot into this Multia of mine I
> wanted to
> check on something.
> I remember the FAQ saying something about dead batteries and
> not booting.
> Does this mean that I wont even get a console?

This is true...

Short story:

Long answer:
Last year a friend won a Multia from The Linux Store at a
convention. Not knowing much about it, he lent it to me to see
if I could get it to do anything. After a couple days of playing
with it, it went completely dead. I initially thought heat
death. The system came with a spare battery so I replaced it for
fun. Voila! All was well again. The Multia I was tinkering with
was a model VX-41 (second of three). I think this behavior might
have been 'fixed' on the VX-42's.

The FAQ says Radio Shack carries them. If there is not a RS near
by, and 'self-respecting' computer store should have something
compatible. Take the old one for comparison.

Ed Wensell III

"_Wargames_. _Hackers_. Microsoft. Evidence that all bad computer people
 come from Seattle WA." - Me

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