Subject: Re: ex0 weird error
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/14/2000 00:46:46
>stray eb164 irq 1
>stray eb164 irq 1
>stray eb164 irq 1
>After a bit of this, ex0 died completely.  This happened under an abusive
>load; I'm performance testing some changes in BSD/OS's NFS client code, and
>I was running a couple of simultaneous programs manipulating 2GB files.
>I have temporarily switched to an Intel card, but I'm curious as to:
>1.  Whether this is a known issue of some sort.
>2.  Whether it's likely to be alpha-specific.
>3.  Whether anyone is interested in persuing this.
>If no one cares much, I'll probably send-pr it and forget about it.

known, afaik.  i asked someone about this a few weeks ago and was told
that there was a fix in a pr somewhere.  your "halting" problem was
probably accompanied by a message of the form "stray eb164 irq 1;
stopped logging", yes?  the offending interrupt gets disabled at that
point, and that means that ex0's interrupts are no longer handled.
therefore, all traffic grinds to a halt.

i "fixed" that (for that reboot, at least) by breaking into ddb and

   call eb164_intr_enable(0x3)

you probably wanna use 0x1 for that.  after that, my network spun back
into action and it never logged anything again.  of course...i've
rebooted since then.

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