Subject: of 1.5, cdd, extracting audio, and panic
To: None <>
From: Nick <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/13/2000 10:48:14
First of all, big thanks for 1.5!

I just installed NetBSD 1.5 on my AlphaStation 200 4/233.  So
far it looks really nice.  There is one problem I have been
having, however.  I would like to extract audio from CDs using
cdd or something similar.  One requirement is that the program
goes out to a cddb and actually names the wav files appropriately.

cdd does this.  I used cdd under 1.4.2 on this system and it
worked nicely.  However, I just built cdd from pkgsrc and when I
tried to extract audio from a CD, the machine froze up.  On the
console I found the following messages (approximately)...

siop1: target 4 now synchronous at 10.0Mhz, offset 16
DMA IRQ: bus fault dma fifo empty, DSP=0x800000b0
DSA=0x40f21540: panic: lockmgr: no context
syncing disks... 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 giving up

Now this is with a kernel that I just built (stripped down
version of YEAH_BABY).  Maybe I goofed somewhere when building
the kernel?


Nick Maniscalco