Subject: Multia floppy dirve...(Slightly off-topic)
To: '' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/13/2000 11:57:38
	Apologies about the kinda off-topic post, but I thought there might
be some fellow Multia owners who might be interested in this...

	I've devised a simple little bracket for the floppy drive in a
Multia. It allows you to install the floppy where the PCI card would go,
pointing out the back. But it only works with Multias that _don't_ have the
PCI card slot in the SCSI riser. It is also possible to remove the PCI slot
from the riser too, if you like. I'm working on a different bracket setup
for those who do have the PCI slot in their riser.

	I guess this would be of main interest to people who have a couple
of Multias in a rack type setup, or something like that. Or if you want to
tuck it tight into a corner, have access to all the cables, and the floppy
at the same time.

	Let me know (off-list, directly) if you're interested. Or if there
is some other modification, fabrication, or general custom work you're
thinking of for the Multia, but don't have the stuff to try it, let me know,
I probably could come up with something...

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