Subject: trouble with 1.5 floppies
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/13/2000 00:05:35
I'm having trouble booting the 1.5 install floppies on a PC164.  This is
what I get:

>>>show dev
dqa0.              DQA0        QUANTUM FIREBALL EX3.2A  A0A.0D00
dva0.               DVA0                               
>>>boot dva0
(boot dva0. -flags 0)
block 0 of dva0. is a valid boot block
reading 15 blocks from dva0.
bootstrap code read in
base = 180000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 1e00
initializing HWRPB at 2000
initializing page table at 172000
initializing machine state
setting affinity to the primary CPU
jumping to bootstrap code

NetBSD/alpha 1.5 Primary Boot +
Jumping to entry point...

halted CPU 0

halt code = 5
HALT instruction executed
PC = 2000a1c0        

any suggestions?