Subject: gcc 2.95.2 - running already or not ?
To: None <>
From: Andrei A. Dergatchev <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/07/2000 23:45:29

I want to try to port OpenOffice to NetBSD Alpha and I'm looking
to get gcc 2.95.2 running.
I already spent some time learning its internals during
last month on x86, waiting for 1.5 to come out.
There is not *that* much to be done, ihmo, since:
1) there is alphant port already, so some alpha bits are there (most
important so far being code for uno/c++ bridge).
2) there is debian/powerpc effort going with contributors
dealing with subtle g++ optimization bugs op ppc, but neverthelles,
they got many binaries running. Having another active RISC
port helps anyhow.
3) There is AFAIK some effort going in NetBSD sparc (and x86?)

According to
gcc-2.95.2 isn't available on alpha yet.
I searched around, and the most promising info I found is a recent mail
of Jason (below). I wonder if someone could suggest possible timeframe
for appearance of that post-1.5 (or 1.5.1), or if there is (maybe unstable,

but running) gcc 2.95.2 on alpha available somewhere already ?
I saw several messages from people who tried to build it from lang/gcc
and failed, and I couldn't find neither anything more positive nor anything

from their later effort :-(

Thanks for any help,


Subj: "Re: latest CVS gcc on alpha"
Jason R Thorpe wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 01:28:26AM -0800, netbsd alpha wrote:
>  > anyone compile latest gcc cvs on alpha? any problems?
>  > i have a need to use that cvs version of gcc to get
>  > mysql-3.23.27 to stop coredumping on me. i'm told my
>  > the mysql developers that the cvs version of gcc fixed
>  > many issues related to the alpha.  i'm running
>  > 1.5_beta as of:
> I have not --- but the latest cvs gcc is NOT a stable compiler.  There
> are many problems with it -- it is not ready for prime time yet.
> Specifically, what sort of problems are you having with our standard
> compiler?  If there's a codegen bug in our standard compiler, chances
> are we can fix it.
> BTW, we're going to have gcc-2.95.2 in post-1.5, and possibly 1.5.1, if
> we can get it working on all platforms by then.
> --
>         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>