Subject: One more question on
To: alpha <>
From: StrangeBrew <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/05/2000 19:46:36
This is just a little fun to run the alpha cpu on some numbers.
I am running my pc164, with 6 jobs.  I am achieving something more
than 1G key/sec.  I have gotten as high as 1.9GKeys cracked, and
I would like to do a bit more.  
I have started my first 3000 on the task, with 1 job, got about
90MKeys/sec.  I just restarted with 4 jobs to see if I can get a little
more oomph out of the the boxes.

Does anyone have any empirical data on how to ring the most
performance out of these lil beasts?  I will be cranking up
my second 3000 in a couple of days, still working on my other