Subject: Re: AXPpci33 motherboard
To: George A. Dowding <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/03/2000 19:20:17
George A. Dowding wrote
> I have one of those and I have yet to get it working.  It
> requires a power supply that I have never been able to find.  Look at
> the bootom right of the picture and you will see two rows for power
> connections. One of them is for a normal AT power supply and the other
> is for the PCI option bus, kind of a pre ATX power supply. You  must
> use 72pin parity ram which is  dificult to find especially if you want
> sizes larger that 16Mb.

I've got a AXPpci33 system since 1996 and, touch wood, with the
exception of resoldering the keyboard connector on the motherboard has
never given me any problems.

Here is my hardware configuration:

	Processor 21066A @ 233Mhz

	Standard full height tower and power supply. Had to enlarge
	the original hole designed for the standard keyboard DIN plug
	to accommodate the PS2 connectors for keyboard and mouse.

	4 x 16MB 72 ECC SIMMS (double sided 36 x M5M44100BJ-7 chips @ 70ns)
	couldn't afford any better chips at that time - they were very
	very expensive!!! Yes, you may use double sided sticks!!!

	I use 11 x TC55328-20 cache chips that were salvaged from old
	I386 motherboards... this shows that old Intel-stuff can be
	useful.... ;-) I would love to give the 1MB cache a try, but
	wasn't succesful in obtaining the right parts. Lots of rumors
	what worked and what didn't. At some stage, I experimented
	with the cache speed and processor speed settings using the
	dhrystone benchmark program to evaluate system performance
	increases. At the extrem the system was running at 300Mhz
	with cache set at 15ns. I was in no need for pure grant and
	returned it to the normal setting to be save.

	Trio64 Diamond Stealth S3 graphics card

	SMC 21041 Ethernet Card

As you can see for your self, it should be no problems to build
a cheap alpha system from parts that nowadays can be found in 
the scrap yard.

I agree that the AXPpci33 is not the fastest kid on the block, but 
that didn't matter as drivers for X11 were not available for it
anyway. This box has since being used as a server with very good results
unlike the problems that I've seen discussed on this list e.g. Multia.

Hope this is of any help to you...

cheerio Berndt
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