Subject: RE: AXPpci33 motherboard
To: '' <>
From: Ken Seefried <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/02/2000 20:49:57
I recall (could be wrong) that this is a special "AT + 3.3v" power supply.
I had to hunt hard to find one for my Alpha PC64 motherboard.  It cost more
than it was worth, considering the speed of the resulting box, but I'm a
sucker for vintage technology.  FWIW, I found it at; ask if they still have the PS for the

I would also point out that the AXPpci33 is really, really slow (much slower
that the PC64, for example).  Basicly I've found it to be on par with a to
mid-range '486.  It can be slower, depending on your particular execution
profile, and very rarely faster. You'll hate X on it.  

And as the previous poster pointed out, the required 72-pin ECC SIMMs are
shockingly expensive, and are needed in pairs.  I recall they have to be
"single-sided" variety (12-chip) as well; e.g., not all SIMMs will work.
This rule apparently  precudes using 32MB SIMMs, BTW (none of mine work,
anyway).  You get 4MB, 16MB & 64MB options, although the odd-ball 12MB
Multia SIMMs might work.  I suppose some 128MB would work as well, if you
could find them and were crazy enough to spend the money.

Were I you, and I really wanted an Alpha that slow, I'd look for a Multia,
which is nearly the same thing horsepower-wise without the ugly power supply
issues (and they come with X-compatable video, scsi, ethernet and usually
some usable memory).  I find my Multia cute and nostalgic.  Alternatively,
eBay always offers a number of compatable Alphas that are somewhat more

Best of luck!

Ken Seefried, CTO
DigitalMoJo, Inc.

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From: George A. Dowding
Sent: 12/2/00 7:51 PM
Subject: AXPpci33 motherboard

I have one of those and I have yet to get it working.  It
requires a power supply that I have never been able to find.  Look at
the bootom right of the picture and you will see two rows for power
connections. One of them is for a normal AT power supply and the other
is for the PCI option bus, kind of a pre ATX power supply. You  must
use 72pin parity ram which is  dificult to find especially if you want
sizes larger that 16Mb. writes:
 > Greetings,
 > 	I'm considering buying one of these on Ebay:
 > (sorry for the long URL)
 > 	Any gotchas for running NetBSD on it?  Can I just use a standard
 > case & power supply with it?  What about running X?
 > 	Thanks in advance.
 > GZ