Subject: AXPpci33 motherboard
To: None <>
From: George A. Dowding <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/02/2000 15:51:42
I have one of those and I have yet to get it working.  It
requires a power supply that I have never been able to find.  Look at
the bootom right of the picture and you will see two rows for power
connections. One of them is for a normal AT power supply and the other
is for the PCI option bus, kind of a pre ATX power supply. You  must
use 72pin parity ram which is  dificult to find especially if you want
sizes larger that 16Mb. writes:
 > Greetings,
 > 	I'm considering buying one of these on Ebay:
 > (sorry for the long URL)
 > 	Any gotchas for running NetBSD on it?  Can I just use a standard AT
 > case & power supply with it?  What about running X?
 > 	Thanks in advance.
 > GZ