Subject: Re: SCSI update...
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/02/2000 12:15:24
Peter Seebach writes:
> In case anyone is curious:  The "Promise" SCSI controller which is just a
> Symbios '875 doesn't seem to work.  The system does identify it as an NCR
> controller, but doesn't see any devices on it when it's in SRM.  It's fine

I have a Promise card with a 53C810AE that is not recognized.  So I don't
know if it is a Promise thing, or just the fact that it is a "AE" part with
a different PCI id.

> after boot.  I don't have any Tekram cards handy to test with, so I can't
> compare notes with that right now.  (One of the FreeBSD lists reports that
> they work, though.)
> Oh, well.  Closer, anyway.  :)

Well, if anyone has an exact part number for something that can be ordered
online and is known to work, let us know.  Oh, and it would be nice if it
wasn't too expensive.  (e.g. I paid $50 for my Promise card)