Subject: RE: VGA Cards
To: Todd Cohen <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/29/2000 14:16:56
A certain Wasabi employee (you know who you are!) has some hacks to make
4.0.1 work with pretty much any 4.0.1 video card on the Alpha. I was sorta
hoping to spend some time getting these ready in time for 4.0.2, but we're
going to miss that deadline.


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Subject: VGA Cards

	I know this has been discussed in detail in the pass and that
people are probably tired of answering, but I'm curious as to what the
status is w.r.t. getting VGA cards working on NetBSD/Alpha with XFree is.
Is there a website with the current code and what needs to be done or ?


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