Subject: Re: removing packages
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/25/2000 18:22:26
On 26 Nov, Simon Burge wrote:

> Another is easy upgrades in the future, which handle deleted or
> moved files cleanly 
If I wane do a upgrade, I can simply locate the source of the programm /
subsystem in /usr/src/..., cd to it, update the source via patches or
CVS, recompile and install it. This is IMHO the canonical BSD Unix way
to go. I don't like this cut-in-to-an-infenite-amount-of-packages
approach some wannabe *ix systems use. 
One reason why I like NetBSD this much is the easy way to install it.
Boot the machine in some way (mostly via network) disklabel, newfs,
untar, disklabel -B / installbot, cd /mnt/etc ; vi fstab rc.conf,
reboot - thats it. 

> (nfsiod for example has been removed, nfsd has changed location
> once in the past).  
If some general concept changes, and the new stuff has to be installed
in to an older system, there is nothing better to resolve dependencys
than your brain. Messing around with a package system can really be a
pain. Even with the very good pkg system that the BSD systems have. 

> And no, I don't think people are even suggesting anything like SysV
> run-levels or inittab.  The whole rc.d thing was to make maintenance
> easier, both for the base system and third party packages.
I really don't like this rc.d stuff, but I must agree to this argument.