Subject: [OFFTOPIC] DEC 3000/500 for sale (Perth/Australia)
To: None <>
From: Michael Kennett <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/24/2000 18:48:22
Hello All,

[OFFTOPIC POST - please don't reply to the list]

There is a DEC 3000/500 for sale at work. It is a good machine, supported
by the BSDs. Comes with a monitor (21" ?) - which is most probably useless,
given that graphics heads are not really supported by the BSDs; 1GB SCSI
harddrive; and AUI-RJ45 adapter. Currently, has OSF/1 installed, but the
media for this will not be provided as a part of the sale. From memory,
it has 96M of RAM (but I'm not sure).

The machine is fairly heavy (~40Kg), so shipping is not an option. But if
you live in Perth/Australia, it might be of interest to you.

The sale is being done by bidding (closing next friday), with the current
bid being AU$50 (about US$25!). If you are interested, please send me an
email, and I'll forward your expression of interest to the chap that is
running the sale (I'm not involved in the sale, and will not profit from it).



P.S. Sorry about the off-topic post, but I'd like this machine to go to a
good home!

P.P.S. If there is a NetBSD alpha developer in Australia (preferably Perth)
who wants the machine, I'd be willing to purchase it and donate it to the
cause -- please contact me about this.