Subject: Silly newbie install question
To: None <>
From: Paul D. Carlucci <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/17/2000 22:50:57
I'm trying to toss 1.4.2 onto a 164SX.   First, a quick rundown of my box:

164SX, 533
8.4 g Maxtor IDE
some kind of CD rom with Creative on it (I think its actually a Toshiba)
Intel InBusiness 10/100
RealTek 10/100
Ensoniq AudioPCI
Elsa Gloria (Permedia 2)

The fun starts at the MAKEDEV portion of the install which hangs halfway through
the install.  Upon rebooting I find that the wd?? devices havn't been created.
At this point I'm stuck with a readonly filesystem that I can't remount as rw so
I can create the device files to alleviate the fact that I can't mount the...
you get the picture.  Any fixes, pointers, or workarounds would much
appreciated?  I'd even be elated with a slap to the side of the head and a URL
for a FAQ pertaining to stuff like this.  Thanks!


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