Subject: SCC ?? no keyb etc.... on dec 3000
To: None <>
From: Michael J. Way <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/17/2000 13:29:11
i'm having a problem getting my dec 3000 machines to boot straight into netbsd
(1.5 Beta) after power on. this is because it detects an error on power up
because i'm using a serial console => no mouse/keyboard:

SCC             ?? 003 0050 ptr(0) = Not Present keybd(2) = Not Present
System power up test detected errors(s).
See your system documentation for more information.

i've tried to initialize it and anything else i could find, but alas
it will NOT go to OK versus the pesky ??. i assume this is trivial,
but the limited docs i have aren't working. i've tried "test scc init"
which seems to fix it for that session, but its not retained after
a power cycle. :-(

thanks (and also for the pointers yesterday).


Michael J. Way : Voice=650-604-5115, FAX=650-604-6779
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