Subject: Re: Another PC164 question
To: hg/jb <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/15/2000 00:16:51
>one more question:
>Am I correct in assuming that the series of low beeps from the speaker
>on power up test indicate a memory problem?
>On my second pc164, I am trying to figure out what memory works,
>and on power up I seem to get a series of 5 low (hard to hear) slow
>I have not seen any docs that describe this so....

the little book that came with my motherboard has this to say:

   1-3 beeps	This sequence represents the fail-safe booter startup
   4		No valid header found in ROM; loading entire ROM
   5,6,7	Same meaning as Post code 3F fatal error codes


   3F		Fatal error. Second code identifies source of error:
	05		No memory found
	06		Checksum error detected when image was read back
			from memory
	07		Could not determine the SIMM type

i got 6, which turned out to be easy to fix.  i replaced the battery
on the motherboard.

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