Subject: Re: Multia boot
To: hg/jb <>
From: Brandon D. Valentine <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/12/2000 17:16:20
On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, hg/jb wrote:

>I created my boot floppy on a PC using the rawwrite capability.
>I don't understand about your loading the os off the ide, do you mean
>you are building the install on to an IDE, using the boot floppy to
>and then getting the rest of the install from someother source?
>Or are you running an ide hard drive AND an IDE CDROM?  I am just
>curious, I went to a scsi external drive set on my multia due to
>heat concerns - and power!!

I don't think you understand.  The multia has a floppy drive, an IDE
controller and a SCSI controller.  SRM can only boot off of floppy or
SCSI.  So I made install floppies, booted them, and installed onto wd0.
Now that I've done that I need a way to boot the system from a floppy
using wd0 as the FFS root partition.

Brandon D. Valentine <>
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