Subject: SRM installation on EB164
To: None <>
From: Heredity Choice <stork@QNET.COM>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/11/2000 19:12:44
I have rescued an EB164 from a life of NT. It has no SRM firmware and I
cannot find instructions on flashing the ROM.  Compaq will give no help
because every EB164 was sold by an OEM, in this case unknown.

I have downloaded eb164dia.sys, eb164srm.rom, eb164srm.sys, and
fwupdate.exe. I have jumpered the motherboard for flashing the ROM and can
monitor debug using tip on my Intel box as a dumb terminal (this is
apparently an early EB164, without debug drivers for the video and

I have no need to preserve the NT firmware, I should welcome an opportunity
to update the debug, but my main goal in life is to install SRM on this dear
little m*board. How is it done?

Paul Smith