Subject: Re: Another PC164 question
To: None <>
From: James Macnicol <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/08/2000 15:11:03
> My 164 is running fine, I have 64MB in it, and want to upgrade to 128,
> with the 256bit path.
> here is the usual might be dumb part:
> In the board now I have 60ns, 4x36, 72pin simms. Lots of chips on the 
> simms.
> I have some 4Mx36 ram simms, 60NS, 12 chips on the simms, 8 that look 
> like the same old 1x ram chips AND then 4 additional chips on the back.
> These are supposed to be 36bit but I am trying to figure out what the
> layout would be, I can assume that they could be 8 16Mb chips, and then
> 4-4Mb chips.  this seems to jive with what I see, on the back the 4
> chips
> say 4000-60, but I can not read the lettering on the front chips.
> I am interested in what kind of 36bit simms you folks have seen, what
> kind seem to work in a pc164.

	I had "fun" getting the SIMMs for my PC164; since they were
very expensive last year to buy new I had to get whatever I could from
eBay.  So in my machine I have a pair of standard parity 32MB FPM
SIMMs plus another pair of "parity with ECC" SIMMs which I really
don't understand, but they *do* work fine with the regular pair.
Maybe this is what you are seeing; I don't know.