Subject: Jensen ahb (old revision) problems
To: None <>
From: Hans-Juergen Bergmann <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/06/2000 17:48:33
Hello list,

did anyone (Jason ???) have time to look into the ahb /Jensenio/EiSA

I had tracked down the problem on not getting a valid return on the irq
in the 1742 driver irq routine:

 if ((bus_space_read_1(iot, ioh, G2STAT) & G2STAT_INT_PEND) == 0)

                return 0;
        /* this point is never reached ! */

always receives a 0 status and thus always returns without doing
anything or clearing the interrupt. I have the Jensen manual but I
really do not know where to start looking for the problem (Problems with
the EISA bus code ???).

All pointers appreciated !


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