Subject: NEW_SCC_DRIVER problem
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/05/2000 21:56:31
I took a look at zstty port on my 3000/300 with TCWSCONS kernel.
It can send/receive charactors but does not handle RTS/CTS nor
DCD/DTR at all. Then I notice comments in tc/scc.c:

	 * NOTE: The wiring we assume is the one on the 3min:
	 *	out	A-TxD	-->	TxD	keybd or mouse
	 *	in	A-RxD	-->	RxD	keybd or mouse
	 *	out	A-DTR~	-->	DTR	comm
	 *	out	A-RTS~	-->	RTS	comm
	 *	in	A-CTS~	-->	SI	comm
	 *	in	A-DCD~	-->	RI	comm
	 *	in	A-SYNCH~-->	DSR	comm
	 *	out	B-TxD	-->	TxD	comm
	 *	in	B-RxD	-->	RxD	comm
	 *	in	B-RxC	-->	TRxCB	comm
	 *	in	B-TxC	-->	RTxCB	comm
	 *	out	B-RTS~	-->	SS	comm
	 *	in	B-CTS~	-->	CTS	comm
	 *	in	B-DCD~	-->	CD	comm

This means channel A and B is _not_ independent.

If this is also true on TC-Alphas, is there any way
to handle such tty configuration by MI z8530 driver?
Izumi Tsutsui