Subject: Re: spamwar rules of engagement [ was printer supplies ]
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From: Crossfire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/05/2000 11:10:21
FACT:  ORBS blocked very large sections [if not all] of the Telstra
Permenant connection IPs [these IPs are allocated to customers statically,
not dynamically - and not just for Dialup PPP]  because a few individuals
have been spamming from inside the block.  Telstra has done what they can
[being an overgrown half-government monopoly, and hence, very inefficent],
and ORBS has decided to punish the entire userbase, despite the fact there
are some legitimite users.

This is just not on.

I've been sitting on this list and several others for quite some time, and
we've all recieved spam through them, but you've been the only person to go
on a holy rampage to stamp it out.  Most of us just ignore it and it really
does go away.

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Subject: Re: spamwar rules of engagement [ was printer supplies ]

> I think you guys need to take a reality pill and look at some facts
> rather than your current emotional response.  Unless you actually use
> ORBS, even if only for some unimportant little domain that barely gets
> any e-mail, you've really got no idea whatsoever of what you're talking
> about.  The rumour mill is so full of falisities about ORBS that it's
> just not funny.