Subject: Re: spamwar rules of engagement [ was printer supplies ]
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/04/2000 02:27:50
[ On Friday, November 3, 2000 at 21:49:58 (-0800), Ross Harvey wrote: ]
> Subject: spamwar rules of engagement [ was printer supplies ]
> There are a few more things (bigger nukes) that we _could_ use (e.g.,
> allowing only subscribers to post) but we specifically don't because the
> consequent aggravation would be more than a tiny bit of residual spam.

Indeed, which is why I've suggested using the MAPS DUL (and other MAPS
black lists) instead of requesting the lists be restricted to
subscriber-only posting.

> I've analyzed the last six months of port-alpha spam. I received exactly
> _four_ spam mails via the list, although there is a discussion of one more
> that I lost or didn't receive.  The spam discussion (metaspam) volume
> completely outweighs the sum total of the spam by 21:4.

I don't know about port-alpha because I've not kept track of it
explicitly, but I've had about 10 or more spams in the various tech-*
groups over just the past few days, with eight of them still in my inbox
(and I regularly see at least two or three per day on average).  Most of
them would have been stopped by employing the various MAPS RBLs (and
IIRC they all would have been blocked if the ORBS RBL had been added to
the mix).

The only exceptionally odd thing about the spams I see from NetBSD
mailing lists is that other than this recent episode of very amateur
"printer supplies" spamming they've almost all been in Japanese with
ISO-2022-JP charset encoding.  Perhaps the current filtering scheme is
woefully inadequate when faced with non-English spam?  (pun possibly
intended!  :-)

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