Subject: re: 3000/300 alpha (decstation)
To: Joseph Sirucka <>
From: matthew green <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/04/2000 13:27:37
   I have a decstation 3000/300 alpha I guess given to me. It seems that the drive 
   sleds were taken from them due to the drives. Six of the eight simm sockets are 
   there and populated with double sided simms. I guess what I'm asking what do I 
   need to exectly do to get netbsd alpha working. E.g. I guess that since it is 
   headless, how I get as a serial install and like sun workstations do I need any 
   specail type of cdrom to install netbsd. There is no floppy and I guess was not 
   ever since the floppy plate is still there. Is there any specail tricks that I 
   need to know from experienced 3000/300 people.

i believe answers to all these questions exist in the INSTALL document for
the alpha port... check out:{ps,html,txt,more}

you can use serial console, and i suggest using the "cdhdtape" image meantioned
in the INSTALL doc, by writing an cd-r of this (alpha bootable) image.

good luck.