Subject: RE: a little pc164 help please
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/03/2000 13:22:37
You got the floppy cable back to front or upside down. Keep on playing until
you get it right. Trust me, I did the same thing.

Bad DEC for not including a $0.05 plastic form on the board to make this
impossible to get wrong.

have fun,

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Sent: Friday, 3 November 2000 09:51
Subject: a little pc164 help please

i got the motherboards a while back, and finally got all the bits
together to build it.  i installed the srm console stuff, and
downloaded some floppy images from

but it won't boot.  it seems to read in the whole first floppy (the
stepper motor in the floppy drive clicks about 80 times), but never
does anything else, or asks for a different floppy.  the light doesn't
go off either.

i've tried replacing both the drive and the disk, and tried some older
boot floppies, but it still doesn't wanna go anywhere.

help?  please?

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