Subject: Couple of Questions: NetBSD on a Dec 3000/4000
To: None <>
From: Ivan Fetch <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/02/2000 02:42:27
   I am looking into putting NetBSD on a Dec Alpha 3000/400.  I should
mention that I believe it's a 3000/400 because it says "Dec Alpha 3000" on
the front of the machine, and the `E-Prom' states the following:
 Dec 3000 - M400
21064 P3.0

   Does anyone have experience with the above machine, and if so, are
there any pitfalls you can share?  I have already seen that x-windows will
not work on this machine (NetBSD FAQ).  The `prom' has been updated (is
now V7.0) so I do not think I'll have to worry about that.  I plan to boot
from either tape or CD - Is it possible to store both the boot image for
installation as well as the rest of the files needed for install
(packages, Etc) on the same media (i.e. CD-ROM)?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,
I hope to run into someone on this list who has installed on this type of
machine before and can help me to determine that it is actually an Alpha
3000/400 (or even better, a different less contrary machine).