Subject: Re: Smart frame Buffer?
To: T. Martin <>
From: Crossfire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/02/2000 09:04:22
This is the score:

Console support for TC systems on alpha is very much alpha stage [from what
I saw of the kernel 3 months ago], and is NOT in the GENERIC kernel [for
obvious reasons].

SFB has some driver support, as does the PMAG-JA [aka TFB?], but the SFB+
[which is what my 3000/800 has] lacks support.  I can not offer much advice
but to build yourself a kernel using one of the appropriate config templates
modified to suit your box.

I've had no success yet - but thats more due to the SFB+ driver hanging my
box solid at boot time, rather than the rest of the driver code - once I've
moved my 3000 to where I'm living now, I'll be able to look at the code

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Subject: Smart frame Buffer?

> Hi again,
>  I read the docs the Smart Frame Buffer in the DEC 3000/300 is
> unsupported but when looking at the src sfb.c is there in 1.4.2 is that
> Smart Frame Buffer? If so is it compiled in in and an rc script is
> swapping to serial console if so which one or is it compiled into the
> kernel?
>  It would be nice to have more comments in the kernel src so you have a
> better idea whats what.
> Thanks
> Terry
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