Subject: Re: EB164 SRM console?
To: Gyenes Istvan <>
From: Craig Burgess <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/13/2000 14:55:43
First question: did the machine work before you got it?

Second question: when you try to boot, does anything at all happen?

craig burgess

Gyenes Istvan wrote:
> Hi All,
> An EB164 was given to me. Actualy it's a Microway SC164. I made a power
> supply for this particular motherboard (from a standard ATX one),and it
> works!
> Can somebody give me detailed informations about how to upgrade the
> firmware to SRM?
> I tried to use the files I found on
> but it doesn't work. I
> tried to upgrade from the arc console but it gives me "Unrecognised
> filesystem" or something like this. (The floppy is a standard fat16 one)
> So can somebody help me? :-)
> Thanks,
> --
> frts