Subject: Re: Can someone help identify a system for me ?
To: Alan Horn <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/10/2000 23:22:47
Alan Horn writes:
> I've put some pictures up at

It looks remarkably like a Network Appliance F630 Filer or C630 NetCache
(same hardware, minor firmware difference), but you knew that already...

> I'm wondering if anyone can identify what type of alpha it is so that I
> can obtain a boot prom image on floppy from compaqs website and try and
> blow a real firmware onto it :)

From looking at and, it's a 500MHz 21164A
(AKA ev5).

The box will have OpenFirmware on it. That should be usable enough to
boot a kernel with. Of course, the kernel would have to be modified to
work with the OpenFirmware, and also support the devices on the box.

Drivers for the following devices would probably be needed:
	Tulip 10/100 Networking
	Qlogic ISP 2100 based FC-AL card

Did you score the box as part of a trade in?

PS: I work for Wasabi Systems (not Network Appliance anymore)