Subject: Re: Jensen DEC2000 Bug
To: None <>
From: Christoph Franzen <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/10/2000 09:57:56
Hello Frederik,

sorry for the late answer, but a few difficulties have arisen 
while attempting to post to this list...

Forwarded message:
> (Frederik Meerwaldt) wrote in
> <>:
> [Firmware for booting Jensen]
>>>> Which firmware revisions do you have?
>>>> If the problem is related to the firmware revision,
>>>> does anyone have a spare AHA-1742A?  
>>> Jensen uses G2 firmware in the Adaptec IIRC.
>>And that's my problem. I just have G.
>>S***. Does anyone have  a spare EPROM available?
>>Or a whole spare card?
> I'm glad that I found this newsgroup finally, after unsuccessfully
> trying to ask Jason Thorpe about the status of the "Jensen port" of
> NetBSD. So perhaps somebody here already knows what I need to
> install the OS successfully on a Jensen? 
> But now for the original subject: I've got two different revisions
> of the controller (none spare), one of it being something with "G"
> and one with another letter, I'll have a look at home; I'm not able
> to burn EPROMS on my own, but it's surely not impossible to make a
> copy. Before doing this, I'd prefer to be sure that the effort
> won't be useless, however. 
> Will NetBSD work also if Linux/Alpha and/or NT work with the
> firmware? In a few days (weeks?) I'd be able to verify this. 
> Regards, Christoph