Subject: Re: mysql NOW() bug on Alpha? - updated
To: Ralph Graulich <>
From: Mattias Nordlund <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/06/2000 20:36:20
Talking of DEC PCI graphics crad, I have a PBXGA-BA/NA that don't seem to
work, I get white "lines" verticaly on the screen when I try to use it.

Bu what I wanted to know if is someone have a table over the dip-switch
settings on this card.

I also have another one of those DEC high-end cards that I don't remember
what it i is, but it's TGA, dubble-sided and at the moment sits inside my 
P100 running linux.. the problem with that one is that it won't show any
other color but blue & green.. anyone got any idead what can be wrong?