Subject: Re: mysql NOW() bug on Alpha? - updated
To: Ralph Graulich <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/06/2000 10:00:55
On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 06:33:25PM +0200, Ralph Graulich wrote:

 > After having read the second boot disk, my AS tells me "tga_console" error.
 > - I got some useful hints about changing the internal PowerStorm video card
 > to a common PCI video card, which I will another try this evening.
 > At least I tried several other PCI video cards instead of the pbxgb
 > powerstorm card, but with none of those I got any video output :-(

Ah, what version of NetBSD did you attempt to install?  Older versions
indeed did not support the powerstorm, but the latest 1.5_ALPHA snapshot
on should support it just fine (including X).

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>