Subject: Re: Another problem
To: Gregory Smith <>
From: M. Possamai <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/06/2000 01:25:31
At 16:53 5-10-00 -0400, Gregory Smith wrote:
>         micq works great on my alpha. it compiled from source (not=20
> package) without any modification, and connects just fine.
>         AFAIK it's the only console solution to icq. There was a "zicq"=20
> for linux for a while but it needs threads

you could try licq with it's console plugin..
I don't know if it will work or compile on netbsd though....

and centericq really rocks if you can get it to work
better then micq IF you can get it to work.. I had the problem that I could=
messages as much as I wanted but none of them arived.. receiving was fine..
this was on FreeBSD for i386..
I really think it's worth a shot....

>--On Thursday, October 5, 2000 7:53 PM +0200 "\"Sj=F6din Lars, se it\""=20
><> wrote:
>>has anyone ever got micq to work on netbsd/alpha. ??
>>i got it to compile but not much more.. it does start
>>but never connects...

are you sure it isn't a firewall problem?

>>anyone got a solution or a nother icq client that might work ?
>>i need a console one...