Subject: Re: Can someone help identify a system for me ?
To: Alan Horn <>
From: Ron Farrer <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/04/2000 13:25:32
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Alan Horn ( wrote:

> Well, this is what I get via serial console off com1 on the SBC on boot :
> Alpha Open Firmware by FirmWorks
> Copyright 1995-1997 FirmWorks, Network Appliance.  All Rights Reserved.
> Firmware release 1.12_a1
> Memory size is 512 MB=20
> Testing SIO
> Testing LCD
> Power supply #1 failed
> PSU #1 fan failed
> Watchdog failed
> Probing devices
> Testing 512MB
> Complete   =20
> Finding image...
> Loading isa floppy
> Can't open boot device
> Startup failed
> ok=20

Yes it's a 21164. It is one of those devices made by Network Appliances.
It was designed to be a fast file server. I've been trying to get
information on these for a while.. There was talk some time ago about
them on Red Hat's axp-list, try checking the archives (available from to see if anyone knows what they are good for. IIRC
there were only one model ever made. Since it has DEC part numbers on it
I recognize, it may simply be one of the 21164 SBC (there were a couple
of them). If it is based on a DEC SBC you might have a chance if you can
flash SRM over the Open Firmware it has. FYI I believe Dell was selling
these for a while, you might be able to contact them to get more
information about it.=20

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