Subject: RE: alpha bulk build output
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Andrew van der Stock <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/03/2000 00:59:18
Most of the X problems are probably related to a lack of X headers and
libraries for the programs to include or link with.

However, I have XFree86's 4.0.1c's libXaw and Xpm working (amongst all the
other standard libraries, fonts, etc). It moans and complains about fixups,
but it builds and is usuable. XFree86 4.0.1c itself is moderately close -
everything (but the Xserver itself) builds and is usable. I have some of the
mi modules building, so it's only a matter of time before modular XFree86
4.0.x is available for the alpha platform. The modular stuff requires ELF so
I don't think we can go back terribly far, and only recent kernels seem to
have the bits needed to use memory mapped I/O.

Can we move XFree86 4.x into -current? 3.x has not been actively maintained
for at least two years in XFree86. Everything post-3.3.4 in the 3.x tree is
a security-driven release and there are no current plans for a 3.3.7 (as far
as I can tell - it'd be someone other than me making that call though,
someone like {bod,core} As such, I'm not wasting my (limited)
time on 3.3.x or the current package as it's very unlikely to be released by
the Xfree86 team - it'll be NetBSD-specific only.


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Subject: FW: alpha bulk build output

If anyone wants to work on some of these, it would be appreciated.  We are
in a
x11/Xaw-Xpm:            build broken    (tron,
x11/blt:                build broken    (jwise,
x11/ebuilder:           build broken    (agc,
x11/ethemes:            build broken    (wiz,
x11/glclock:            build broken    (tron,
x11/gnome-applets:      build broken    (jlam,
x11/gnome:              build broken    (fredb,
x11/kde:                build broken    (tron,
x11/kdebase:            build broken    (hubertf,
x11/korganizer:         build broken    (wiz,
x11/kworldwatch:        build broken    (tron,
x11/olvwm:              build broken    (jlam,
x11/qtarch:             build broken    (drochner,
x11/swing:              build broken    (jwise,
x11/tvtwm:              build broken    (wiz,
x11/xdm3d:              build broken    (wiz,
x11/xfce:               build broken    (tron,
x11/xview-clients:      build broken    (jlam,
x11/xview-lib:          build broken    (jlam,
x11/xview:              build broken    (jlam,