Subject: Re: Sable, Sable-Gamma, Lynx, and Jensen -- call for testers
To: None <>
From: Andrei A. Dergatchev <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/28/2000 20:32:29
> We need a web page that has a *table* which contains:
> Alpha CPU (21064, 21164, etc)
> MHz range
> Model name
> Code name
> some "state of support"
> The alpha/models.html page is not really complete enough in this
> regard; if you have a look at the Ports/sun3/index.html you'll see
> what I mean.
> In particular, we can't keep on tossing the code names around without
> a score card for those of us who have no idea what they refer to...
>         Erik <>

The one place which covers this information I know of is AlphaLinux FAQ.
(, except of state of
NetBSD support of course.


Here is an except:
The following table may be useful; sorry, but I haven't put in the
"family" designations
     explicitly, but the groupings and MILOs are indicative, mostly.



     Note: "AS" can equally stand for "AlphaStation" and "AlphaServer",
           both may *not* be available for a given platform.

     Hardware Type           Aliases
     =============           =======

     DECpc 150               JENSEN
     DEC 2000 Model 300(S)   JENSEN
     DEC 2000 Model 500      CULZEAN

     AS 600                  ALCOR

     AS 500                  MAVERICK,BRET
     XL-300                  XLT
     XL-366                  XLT
     XL-433                  XLT

     AS 200 4/*              MUSTANG
     AS 205 4/*              LX3
     AS 250 4/*              M3
     AS 255 4/*              LX3+
     AS 300 4/*              MELMAC
     AS 400 4/*              AVANTI

     XL-233                  XL
     XL-266                  XL

     Personal Workstation    MIATA
     PWS 433a(u)
     PWS 500a(u)
     PWS 600a(u)

     AS 2100 (EV4)           SABLE
     AS 2100 (EV5)           GAMMA-SABLE
     AS 2000 (EV4)           DEMI-SABLE
     AS 2000 (EV5)           DEMI-GAMMA-SABLE

     AS 1000 (EV4)           MIKASA
     AS 1000 (EV5)           MIKASA-PRIMO

     AS 1000A (EV4)          NORITAKE
     AS 1000A (EV5)          NORITAKE-PRIMO
     AS 600A                 ALCOR-PRIMO
     AS 800                  CORELLE

     AXPpci33                NONAME
     UDB                     MULTIA

     AlphaBook1 (laptop)     ALPHABOOK1

     AlphaPC64               CABRIOLET

     AlphaPC164              PC164

     AlphaPC164-LX           LX164

     AlphaPC164-SX           SX164

     EB164                   EB164

     EB64+                   EB64+

     EB66+                   EB66+

     EB66                    EB66

     AS 4100                 RAWHIDE
     AS 4000                 RAWHIDE
     AS 1200                 TINCUP