Subject: RE: other multia problems
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/20/2000 12:16:18
> If it's those tiny little thins by the numbers R241 (330 printed on it) or

330 is probably 33 ohms.  The 3rd digit is the number of zeros to 
put after the first 2 digits.  See if you can get a meter on a similar 
part to check. 

They should be easy to get and easy to replace.

> at max heat, the speed is reduced approx 20%, effectivly 
> bringing that bridge do a 100 MHZ machine.. 50 degreees celcius 
> appears to be the top of the smooth running area performance of 
> that chip in particular, ass well as many of the others on board 

I can't figure out what "smooth running area" means.

CMOS performance is generally (very) linear in supply voltage and 
temperature.  More voltage goes faster.  Hotter goes slower. 
The temperature is measured relative to absolute zero or -273 C. 

If you are having speed related problems, make sure your system/chip 
is cool and make sure your power supply isn't low.

Note that more voltage makes more heat - power is frequency times 
capacitance times voltage-squared.