Subject: Re: Multia diagnostic translation needed
To: David Woyciesjes <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/08/2000 16:18:17
David Woyciesjes writes:
> 	Yeah, I'll try the fail safe when I get home... The code for mine is
> one long, one short, one long, one short, etc... Yours was 1 long, then 11
> (or so?) short tones ( then repeated ) ?

No tones on the 166 (at least not mine), but yes it some combination of a
long flash and a certain number of short ones. :)

> 	Hopefully it's not cache. Then I'd have to find out the specs, then
> find a cache stick. Or maybe that might be better, compared to getting my
> brother to resolder flash memory chips onto the board....

Well, in my case it was the "Multia Heat Death" part that died, and it was
a matter of finding a replacement, desoldering the old and installing the
new. :)  A simple matter for me as a friend of mine took care of the solder
work.  Those surface mount chips are tricky.

Look at:

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