Subject: RE: Multia install
To: 'David Woyciesjes ' <>
From: Eric.Melville (Exchange) <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/08/2000 13:57:26
> Possibly... On my VX40-166, it saw a 1.5 gig IDE fine, but didn't see a
> 4 gig IDE correctly. Once I updated to the latest firmware (3.8-36 built
> 1/12/1996) it saw the 4 gig fine. I don't remember what the original
> firmware version was though. Ooops. I take it everything looks okay in
> the ARC setup screens? 

I think so. I dropped it into SRM right after powering it up, and havn't
been back in ARC since.

> Try this.. do the boot floppies work without any of the three drives
> connected? If so, try with one at a time, till it craps out...

Uhg, that means installing the floppy drive back in that thing. Oh well,
will do.

> BTW - I take it that all three drives are external... 

Yes, all external SCSI devices.