Subject: Re(2): Apache+mysql+php
To: None <>
From: Bryan McWhirt <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/02/2000 15:21:02
Ok, if I want Apache to run with php3 as a module with mysql and perl
support, what order should I make the pkgsrc files in.  Also is there a
way to get apache to compile chroot /www like I have it in linux?

Bryan writes:
>Bryan McWhirt writes:
>[Charset ISO-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
>> Ok, I tried to go with bare bone packages and I started with mysql
>> and server, those I have working fine no hitches.  Then I went to apache
>> and it seems to work, the generic apache page comes up, but PHP isnt
>> working I used pkgsrc and did a make in php3-mysql, then php3 and
>If you want the php3 module to be loaded into apache, you also want to
>install 'ap-php3' and follow the message about editing httpd.conf.
>Otherwise the php3 as a cgi should work.  What kind of failure are you
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