Subject: Re(2): Re(2): Re(2): 3000/600
To: None <>
From: Bryan McWhirt <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/02/2000 12:16:03
Thats teh problem, I do need 3.23.16 and php4, neither of these will
compile and neither are in pkgsrc.

Bryan writes:
>iceberg writes:
>[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
>> I used a CDR and made a boot cd from the image and it worked fine. 
>Took a
>> bit to get things running as the docs are vauge, but the kind people in
>> #NetBSD on EFNET helped me a bit.  Thanks to everyone here for your
>help as
>> well.  I installed gmake too but Im having problem getting mysql to
>> Im including the error message I got from the compile.
>You should install(*) 'pkgsrc', then just do:
>	# cd /usr/pkgsrc/databases/mysql-server
>	# make install
>> gmake[3]: Entering directory `/root/mysql-3.23.16-alpha/sql'
>> c++ -DMYSQL_SERVER                     
>The version in pkgsrc is 3.22.32, but that shouldn't be a big deal unless
>you need some new feature of 3.23.16.
>(*) Install?  Basically pull down the latest pkgsrc.tar.gz via the
>    URL:, then you
>    just untar. (so it ends up in /usr/pkgsrc)
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