Subject: Re(2): 3000/600
To: None <>
From: Bryan McWhirt <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/01/2000 08:38:20
So it's an ISO not an actual file?  The actual documentation in that
directory were extreamly vauge.

Bryan writes:
>Bryan McWhirt writes:
>> OK, after not being able to get this DEC Alpha 3000/600s to net boot I
>> the cdhdtape file and burned it to cd.  I then did a 'boot DAK400 -fi
>> "cdhdtape" ' and I still get an error code '84 FAIL'.  Is there anyone
>> that can tell me what is going wrong?  Im at a loss here and dont know
>> were to go now.
>The 'cdhdtape' image is a raw image that should be burned to the CD.
>Make sure you didn't try to add it to an ISO9660 filesystem or whatever.
>Then 'boot xxx400' should attempt to boot.  The '-file' option isn't
>necessary (or correct) for this, AFAIK.
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