Subject: Question regarding AXP150
To: None <>
From: Frederik Meerwaldt <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/01/2000 10:51:16
Hi all,

a friend of mine has got an AXP150, on which I should install NetBSD
tomorrow. I have a AlphaServer 400 4/233 at home, with NetBSD installed on
it. I viewed the INSTALL kernel config file, and the Option to support the
Jensen (AXP150) is disabled by default. I have created the 2
Boot-Floppies, and I think they don't support the JENSEN by default.
Is there any way to get NetBSD running (and installing) on this machine?
I thought about recompiling the INSTALL Kernel with the Jensen support,
and I did this, but now I have to exchange the kernel on the Bootfloppies
with this one. How to do this?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,