Subject: Re: Is the UP1000 with a 21264 supported under NetBSD/alpha?
To: Nathan Binkert <>
From: Ted Sikora <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/2000 11:53:16
Nathan Binkert wrote:
> > MS pulled the plug on Win2000 at Intel's urging. Intel clearly see's the
> > threat.
> I don't know where you got this idea.  Compaq decided to discontinue win2k
> on alpha because the volume of alpha nt was rediculously low and now that
> compaq actually sells intel based systems as well, there is no reason to
> compete with themselves.
>   Nathan

That's what I was told the week it happened. It might just well be
employee resentment of the projects cancellation. Who knows? You hear so
much bull in this industry it's hard to decipher the truth sometimes. It
is pretty coincidental that it happened on the heels of Compaq's
acquisition of Digital.
The Microsoft/Compaq/Intel alliance is pretty well known throughout the
industry although that relationship appears strained at the moment. AMD
has made deep inroads into Intels' turf coming on the heels of the i8xx,
RDRAM, and chip production problems. This has led to Compaq using AMD
but Compaq is not intimidated. They have acquired a new bargaining
chip.. the Alpha. Perfect timing since Intel has big problems with their
own 64-bit processor. Enter Compaq/Alpha. Compaq signs lucrative deal
that both appeases Digital customers and guarantees their future with
Wintel. They negotiate a generous licensing agreement for Alpha
production and technology exchange with Intel. Now Intel has the means
to save face and develop the next generation (ITanium(tm)) chip but in
the meantime Redmond also knows their future is at stake. The next
generation Windows(IA-64) is in Digitals hand not theirs. Easy solution
cancel Digitals' licensing agreement. 

Ted Sikora
Jtl Development Group