Subject: PC164 & ISP1020 hassles with narrow disks.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/2000 17:00:23

I recently picked up an ISP1020 to use on my home PC164.  It works fine
with a borrowed Seagate wide disk, but fails to find any of my old
RZ28M narrow disks (from the SRM with "show dev").  I've tried just a
single RZ28M on a 50 pin cable to the ISP and also with the Seagate
attacked with a 68 pin cable.  I'm pretty sure that termination is ok -
once I didn't have the narrow cable terminated and I got a "waiting for
pka0.7.0.7 to poll..." error from "show dev" but didn't get that message
when the terminator was put back.  I also don't have SCSI ID conflicts.
I _haven't_ tried to boot NetBSD off the wide disk to see if the ISP
driver in NetBSD can find the disks that the SRM can't find (I'm typing
this on said alpha, so I can't test that right this second ;).

Any ideas?  Oh, I've got a less than one day old -current, but the
NetBSD version doesn't actually matter for the info above...