Subject: RE: Netbsd for dec 3k with no floppy
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From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/26/2000 15:25:46
> From: David Woyciesjes <>
> Can you ftp the files, then burn a CD? there are some notes about this at
> There is an image there, to help create a bootable CD, or you can put the
> kernal files on a second hard drive, and do it that way...
> Overall, do read the install doc. That should answer your questions...
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> > Subject:	Netbsd for dec 3k with no floppy
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> > So, I have a dec 3000 (alpha, of course) and it doesn't have floppy drive,
> > which gives me a bit of a problem, I could download an iso image and try
> > to boot from it, but some images I found said, that they are only i386
> > bootable. I'm unsure about installing over LAN, especially because my dec
> > 3000 has OpenVMS for OS currently. Or are there some setup program for
> > OpenVMS included in the cd-iso? (and a good help file how to do it. I
> > really don't know how to use vms.)

OK, good answer. In particular, search for the section header

	Installing the NetBSD System

The cdhdtape image is not an iso 9660 image, but it is bootable
on your 3k, though it presently requires a serial console. (But
you will see framebuffer boot messages, then it will switch, so
you don't need to go serial until you confirm it is working.)

Now, the fact that cdhdtape is not in 9660 format may cause problems
if you try to burn it with some M$ Winblows packages. Any unix
package (say, e.g., cdrecord) on any unix system should work fine,
and so will many M$-based programs. You can also write it to a hard
drive and play musical drives.