Subject: Framebuffer on DEC 3000/300 (was Re: le1 on dec3000/600)
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/26/2000 16:33:40
David Brownlee wrote:

>         Does it work if oyu pull le0 and just run with le1 (if there
>         are any jumpers, set them to the value of le0)

Is it possible to "pull" le0 on the DEC 3000?  (It's a baseboard
device---at least on the 3000/300 model.)

On a similar topic, is it possible to disable the built-in baseboard
framebuffer on the DEC 3000/300?  Mine has bad framebuffer RAM, and so
fails boot-up tests.  (Visually, I lose scan lines.)  As I can't
physically remove it, I'd like to get the system to ignore it, if
possible---especially as I can fit a working TurboChannel framebuffer
card (PMAG-BA, if I recall correctly) from elsewhere if need be to
supplant it.

Does NetBSD/alpha on the DEC 3000/300 support more than one framebuffer
installed at once?



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